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Want to take your GellyBalling to the next level?

If so, this is where it’s at!!!


League Night is for 13 year olds and up who have their own mag fed gel blaster and want to compete! 

GellyBall Acadiana is introducing League Nights every Monday night from 5pm to 8pm.

Assemble your own team and come out and play. 

We offer two options to pay for League Night. $100/month or $30/week.

Click the “I’m In! Get Me Started Now!” Button to be directed to a form to fill out. After this, you will be sent an invoice to pay for League Night.

*Disclaimer: this price only counts for league nights only and not towards any other game play and or events. You will also need to provide your own gel blaster and gather your own team members together. 

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